Food Service Director (Seasonal)

Lebanon, CT


Responsible to further the mission of camp through planning and delivery of all meals and snacks. Directs food service operations, plans and prepares meals.  Directs the physical operation of the kitchen facilities and equipment following County regulations, State, ACA, Girl Scout Safety Activity Check Point Standards and GSOFCT Policies.


  • Works cooperatively and collaborates with the camp administration and camp needs to coordinate the kitchen and food service schedules in line with general camp operations.
  • Ability to work within a budget and purchase food stuffs and cleaning supplies effectively
  • Plans and prepares healthy and nutritious meals for campers and staff.
  • Plans meals in accordance with food allergies/food sensitivities and dietary restrictions on an as-needed basis for campers and staff.
  • Ensures cleanliness and infection control guidelines are maintained. Maintains the kitchen and dining hall in a clean, sanitary manner.
  • Works cooperatively with other staff to provide help with meal planning and cooking for pack outs/cookouts and special events/activities.
  • Follows GSOFCT Camp Staff Personnel Policies.
  • Maintains health and safety standards for campers, food service staff and self.
  • Reports accidents and files incident reports promptly.
  • Keeps records, reports, orders and inventories food and supplies for the dining hall.
  • Reports needed repairs of equipment and facilities.
  • Helps set up and maintain procedures for food service requisitions.
  • Assumes responsibility for the care and use of food service equipment, storage and other supplies used.
  • Participates in regularly scheduled meetings and trainings in order to ensure open and positive communication.
  • Participates in opening and closing procedures of the camp season.
  • Assists the campers in emergency situations.
  • Keeps food service staff informed on activities, problems and concerns on an ongoing basis.
  • Assures the maintenance of professional camper/staff relationships.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • 25 years or older is preferred.
  • 2 years of commercial kitchen using ovens, dish machines, stoves, toasters, warmers, walk-ins, slicers and other commercial kitchen equipment preferred.
  • 2 years of from scratch cooking.
  • 2 years of supervising others in a commercial kitchen
  • Ability to effectively communicate and work with a diverse group of staff and campers (background/abilities) to encourage full participation in Girl Scouting.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • The ideal candidate will possess experience in developing and delivering food service options in a prior camp or institutional setting. The candidate must have documented experience working in a commercial kitchen. The candidate must show willingness to abide by the policies and practices of the Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Inc. The candidate must be a member of the Girl Scouts of America.



High School graduate or its equivalent is preferred.

CERTIFICATIONS: Serv Safe Food Service Manager certification