Camping Services Program Facilitator

Lebanon, CT


The Program Facilitator is a temporary part time position that is accountable for implementing Outdoor Living Skills program to girls of all ages. She/he is responsible for the supervision and facilitating the delivery of programs within a small group teaching of specific coursework such as fire building, basic outdoor cooking, and a variety of more advanced skills such as compass use, tool safety and other activities as developed by the Camping Services Team.



  • Works with a Co-Facilitator and Senior Manager of Camping Services to coordinate program trainings.
  • She/he is responsible for the supervision and care of a designated number of participants, facilitating the delivery of programs within the group.
  • Participates in the coordination seasonal program planning and scheduling
  • Participates in regularly scheduled facilitator trainings and meetings to ensure open and positive communication.
  • Submits appropriate requisitions such as food stuffs and equipment for their upcoming trainings by Tuesdays 4:30 pm prior to their upcoming training.
  • Maintains health and safety standards for participants and their accompanying adults.
  • Reports accidents/incidences and files reports promptly to the Senior Manager of Camping Services.
  • Keeps records and prepares written reports as requested such as rosters and evaluations among other reports as necessary and submits them immediately after the event.
  • Reports needed repairs of equipment and facilities to the Senior Manager of Camping Services.
  • Maintains professional relationships with participants and the accompanying adults.
  • Maintains ongoing inventories of supplies as needed for the program they are offering.
  • Keeps the Senior Manager of Camping Services informed of activities, problems and concerns with participants on an ongoing basis.


  • Must be a current member of GSOFCT.
  • Age 21 years or older.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and work with a diverse group of participants and the accompanying adults to encourage full participation in Girl Scouting.
  • Ability to lift up to 25 lbs., work in extreme environmental conditions and walk on uneven terrain.
  • Strong oral communication skills required.
  • The ideal candidate will possess experience in working with children that includes the ability to organize and implement Girl Scout program in the out-of-doors according to the explicit guidelines established by the Senior Manager of Camping Services. Proven success in outdoor living skills is desirable. The candidate must have a desire to work with children for extended periods of time in all types of weather.



  • Current First Aid and CPR Certificate or willing to obtain First Aid and CPR training and certifications.