Assistant Camp Director (Seasonal- Resident Camp)

Lebanon, CT

Position Summary:

The Assistant Camp Director is responsible for helping the Camp Director operate and implement a safe, wholesome and high quality program for all attending day camp. This position works with the Camp Director and administration team to assist in supervision, training, coordination and administration of camp staff, daily camp operations and activities following state regulations as established by the Office of Early Childhood(OEC), ACA Standards, Girl Scouts Safety Activity Checkpoints, and GSOFCT Policies. Ensure the health and safety of campers and staff. Assume full responsibility of summer camp operations when the Camp Director is not present.

Major Accountabilities:

  • Shares duties with the Camp Director, through delegated responsibilities, for the overall administration and general camp operations following OEC, ACA Standards and Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints, with an emphasis on age-appropriate and session specific programs.
  • Ensures camp staff model behavior consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.
  • Oversees the day camp operations and program. Communicates with the parents and busses, starts and ends day as a unit, schedules daily program with the Program Director.
  • Coordinates unit leaders, camp activities and encourages girl-planning in unit program delivery. Ensure all staff are following and enforcing all rules as well as fulfilling all expectations and their assigned duties and encourages girl-planning in unit program delivery.
  • Evaluates, twice a summer, all program staff.
  • Plans & provides atmosphere of high staff morale.
  • Develops routines and schedules for camp operation and alter throughout season as necessary for enrollment and/or staffing.
  • Corrects and documents, as necessary, situations that endanger the emotional or physical safety of any person.
  • Maintains positive public relations with parents, visitors and the general public at all times.
  • Handles all scheduling and assignments of campers and staff for the entire day.
  • Assists Camp Director in pre-camp preparations.
  • Works directly with Specialists to provide assistance and support in developing activities that will engage and stimulate campers of all ages.
  • Maintains visible and positive interaction with all staff and campers at all times.
  • Assists with staff schedules for work periods and time-off.  
  • Conducts staff meetings with unit leaders for sharing ideas and plans for unit programs.
  • Conducts supervisory conferences and performance evaluation
  • Clearly communicates performance expectations.
  • Maintains health and safety standards for campers, unit staff and staff.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with the Healthcare Director regarding the health status of campers and unit staff.
  • Reports accidents and files incident reports promptly.
  • Participates in all regular camp activities such as meals, flag ceremonies, all-camp activities, cookouts, and kapers.
  • Keeps records and prepares written reports as requested.
  • Reports needed repairs of equipment and facilities to the Camp Director.
  • Coordinates and facilitates regularly scheduled meetings and trainings to ensure open and positive communication.
  • Participates in opening and closing procedures of the camp season.
  • Assists the campers and staff in emergency situations.
  • Keeps the Camp Director, and her/his designee as well as unit staff informed of activities, problems and concerns on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintains professional camper/staff relationships. Assures professional staff conduct is maintained (camper/staff relationships) throughout the camp season.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Enacts camp emergency action plan when warranted.
  • Capable to respond appropriately to emergencies and situations requiring First Aid and CPR.
  • Supervises Unit Leaders and Counselors by delegating work assignments and guiding staff in their performance.

 Skills and Competencies:

  • Must be at 25 years of age or older
  • Minimum of 4 seasons directing a youth residential camp of at least 8 weeks.
  • Show the willingness to abide by the policies and practices of Girl Scouts of Connecticut.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Standard first aid, CPR for the professional rescuer, Med Certified must be obtained prior to the start of employment
  • Possess experience which relates to job responsibilities including successful experience in outdoor programs, management of children and staff, and communication skills.
  • Demonstrates good judgment in anticipating and preventing accidents, and possess the ability to make sound decisions in a crisis.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Commitment to the Girl Scout approach to outdoor education and experiential learning
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Writes clearly, tactfully and effectively, demonstrating strong grammar and usage skills
  • Enthusiasm, energy and a positive presence as a role model
  • Working knowledge of computer software, word processing, and database operations

Physical Aspects of the Job:

  • Ability to effectively communicate orally.
  • Ability to lift and carry 30 pounds.
  • Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards of the site and facilities and camper and staff behavior.
  • Ability to provide first aid and to assist campers and staff in an emergency with a clear and level head
  • Must live on site for the duration of the camp season.