Lifeguard (Paid Certification)

Weston, CT


  • Monitor safety in the pool, on the pool deck, and in the pool area.
  • Assist with events like “PoolPalooza” and “swim in movie night” for families and Girl Scouts
  • Lead water safety activities on days when we are unable to swim (ie lightning storms)
  • Greet and interact with members at the pool; be positive, polite, and patient when dealing with participants
  • Ensure swimmers are aware of safety practices, whistle signals, and procedures
  • Always wear a whistle on the pool deck and carry PPE as assigned
  • Help everyone when possible, but never stop scanning the water
  • Provide appropriate rescue and treatment for distressed or injured persons
  • Communicate with other lifeguards on the team; practice drills as a team to ensure consistent communication and practices for rescues
  • Responsible for the basic physical upkeep of the pool and pool area when such duties for not interfere with the surveillance of the water/swimmers
  • Positively represent Girl Scouts to all participants and other lifeguards and staff
  • When unable to attend a scheduled shift, call supervisor as early as possible to ensure coverage at the pool


  • Current certification in Lifeguarding: Pool, Aquatic Center, or Waterfront; with current CPR for the Professional Rescuer; or ability to be certified
  • Current certification in First Aid or ability to be certified
  • Ability to work in an environment that requires attention to swimmers, visual scanning of the swim area; communication with Girl Scouts and families; following all emergency procedures
  • Physical ability to swim 300 meters (crawl stroke with rotary breathing) without stopping; tread water with hands above head for 2 minutes; and retrieve 10lb diving brick from bottom of pool
  • Physical ability to swim 300 meters (crawl stroke with rotary breathing) at minimum 2 times per week during team lifeguard drills
  • Ability to routinely bend and raise more than 20 pounds; lifts of up to 100 pounds may be required in emergencies.
  • In an emergency and in weekly emergency drills, lifeguards will be required to physically perform tasks in compliance with their certification(s), training and pool procedures, and the needs of the emergency.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Ability to demonstrate his/her competency in both lifeguarding and swimming skills.


High School graduate or equivalent preferred. 


Lifeguard certification as applicable to the facility, AED/CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid certifications are required.  Girl Scouts will pay for your certification.

Water Safety Instructor preferred.